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Our residents:

Steve, Bill, Scott, Chuck
Amanda, Betty, Carrie, Heather

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P.O. Box 1147
5742 Main Street
Mt. Jackson, VA 22842

The Group Home is licensed by the Virginia Department of Social Services as a Residential Group Home. Since the Group Home is residential, we have only high functioning intellectually challenged adults. We have all required federal, state, and local licenses.

To be accepted into our Group Home, a person must be born intellectually challenged, be ambulatory, independent in self care, and be age 18 or older. Both private and public pay residents are accepted. All residents are employed, or enrolled in a day program to help them reach their potential. Residency includes a private room, all meals, program activities, transportation, work opportunity, and staff support 24/7.

We provide assistance in helping our residents find suitable employment or day programs. Most residents work at Shen Paco Industries where supervised work experiences help to build skills, self esteem, and confidence as well as providing the opportunity to earn a paycheck.

Northwestern Community Services provides mental health services for SEARCH residents, if needed.

Residential aides are present in the Group Home or with the residents on activities at all times to provide supervision, support and understanding. Our residents are escorted to and from work, doctor's appointments, worship services, dinners, dances, and other activities.

Short vacations and/or day trips are arranged for the residents each year.

SEARCH is proud to provide a safe, comfortable, happy home environment for intellectually challenged residents.

 For Group Home information or donation of funds, call:

            Robin Tull, Group Home Administrator

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